Daphne B. Latimore, Founder and Managing Partner, DB LatimoreDaphne B. Latimore, Founder and Managing Partner
The concept of diversity, equity and inclusion may seem simple on paper. However, moving away from the awareness aspect, implementing it correctly, and operationalizing it is a delicate task and requires an expert in the field.

Stepping into the scene is DB Latimore Professional Services Group, a human resource talent management firm that specializes in imbibing a DE&I work culture by normalizing and operationalizing it.

A major challenge when implementing DE&I practices is normalizing it, ensuring it is evident when looking at the workforce, and reflected in an organization’s entire operating model. DB Latimore empowers organizations to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive by implementing principles, protocols, healthy work environments, and business operations that are equitable for all employees. It works to normalize DE&I practices as part of an organization’s business operations.

“It’s not a program; it’s a way of doing business. We don’t look at how to create diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and don’t refer to it as an initiative but as a business operation,” says Daphne B. Latimore, founder and managing partner of DB Latimore Professional Services Group.

The firm operates with the firm belief that when policies, procedures, and programs (P) are aligned with the efficiencies (E) of tools and systems, an organization optimizes (O) its resources through product (P) affinity and collaborative leadership (L) to enable an engaged (E) workforce. This P.E.O.P.L.E. model is at the heart of its methodologies in bringing about change in a company’s workforce.

DB Latimore starts by consulting with HR departments to help them build a roadmap toward a more inclusive and equitable workplace, that supports diversity. This systemic work begins by analyzing a client’s current state and establishing an end-goal future state they wish to reach. It inspects their governance model; recruitment and developmental practices, retention rates, and employee attrition to ascertain areas that need to be addressed in the process.

The firm understands that the driving force behind an inclusive and equitable environment lies with the leadership team and strives to ensure leaders have the competency to lead in an inclusive environment. Working with managers and leaders at all levels, the objective is to instill a DE&Ioriented mindset. The highly trained staff, comprised of certified PMP and HR professionals, and organizational development specialist carries out programs designed to educate employees with a DE&I operating model. Combining these elements leads to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace where employees feel their individual talents are valued.

It’s not a program; it’s a way of doing business. We don’t look at how to create diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and don’t refer to it as an initiative but as a business operation

When a university needed help building a diversity, equity, and inclusion department, they hired DB Latimore to assist them with this venture. The first step was to understand how the institute would look at the end of the plan and how this would affect their members and other organizations they were in contact with. This was followed by implementing consultancy and coaching solutions to educate the new department’s leaders. Latimore reached out to the different communities around the campus to bring them into the new framework, understanding their roles and responsibilities. Collaborating with the university’s chief diversity officer, DB Latimore successfully established an operational DE&I and a department trained to work seamlessly with the various communities within the campus.

Utilizing its experience of over 35 years, DB Latimore Professional Services Group designs systemic approaches and operational frameworks that always align with international standards. It builds social, emotional, and cultural intelligence into its offerings to ensure organizations have the skillset and mindset to successfully implement DE&I. For companies looking to elevate their organizational work culture, DB Latimore Professional Services Group can be the perfect thought leader to operationalize their DEI practices.