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Top 10 Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Companies - 2022

Companies across the world are striving to elevate diversity and inclusion (D&I) as an organizational core value by leveraging technology solutions. Corporate leaders now realize that D&I initiatives play a monumental role in helping organizations drive business success by fostering engagement, collaboration, and belonging in the workplace.

Modern HR and recruitment technology solutions come with AI and machine learning advancements to bridge general D&I gaps like unconscious bias and more. On the other hand, advanced data analytics solutions are helping HR professionals create diversity scorecards to set the benchmark for internal trends against external metrics such as industry, location, or other parameters. Emerging D&I companies are leveraging embedded analytics to provide managers with diversity data that is relevant to their daily activities at the point of decision.

As such, technological progressions are helping companies and HR leaders improve their D&I practices in smarter, unimaginable ways. This edition of Manage HR features companies with expertise in offering state-of-the-art D&I solutions. A distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Manage HR magazine’s editorial board has compiled a list of diversity and inclusion companies and emerging diversity and inclusion companies. The enlisted companies leverage innovative technologies to deliver the tools, resources, and solutions that organizations need to accelerate business growth and improve bottom lines. In order to assist CIOs in identifying the right D&I company, Manage HR presents to you “Top 10 Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Companies - 2022.”

    Top Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Companies

  • The company helps organizations take a holistic DEI stance by offering comprehensive assessments, evaluations and training, strategic equity planning, and leadership development services. The company helps companies determine strategic DEI plans to overcome these challenges. Their equity audit aids organizations in identifying the current status and pain points of their DEI initiatives/vision. It also sheds light on employees' past experience, whether they are from the majority, minority, or fairly marginalized communities. Their team gathers as much information as possible to develop a plan with measurable implementation goals. We also create a communication plan to effectively convey the firm's DEI efforts.

  • Founded in 2016, Dream Forward Consulting is a Black woman-owned boutique consulting firm that specializes in people and culture and DEI consulting. The company today works with startups, government agencies, and large enterprises to help them embrace all forms of employee diversity with open arms. The company's services include everything from executive coaching and formal learning programs to psychometric assessments for leaders and decision-makers and creating a strategy around the future of inclusion, people, and culture practices in a company. They are constantly looking for innovative and excited clients who wish to go to the next level of their DEI journey.

  • HR Legal Search helps law firms and companies find the right talent and empowers them to actualize their diversity initiatives

  • Inclusive Leaders Group (ILG) is a black woman-owned talent and organizational development consulting expert specializing in DEI, and belonging strategies that align well with clients’ business imperatives. The company serves corporations, nonprofits, higher education, government, and healthcare at all stages of their DEI journey, helping improve organizational DEI performance with the current transformational change underway globally. ILG specializes in building workplaces where all employees collaborate effectively, foster a sense of belonging, develop themselves as inclusive leaders, and contribute to business goals with its unique DEI roadmap that encompasses six key steps.

  • MSM Global Consulting is a small woman-owned business. We are dedicated to building thriving organizations and communities that are strengthened by their diversity, fostering a sense of inclusion and equitable practices and policies for everyone. Making this possible is our team of consultants with decades of experience in organizational development, culture change, and leadership training, all with a lens on DEI and intercultural competence.

  • Headquartered in Blaine, MN, Spectra Diversity is driven by the mission to measure diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in small to medium-sized businesses and equip individuals and employers with all the necessary data sets. The company's Change Partners have been very busy since the murder of George Floyd and the summer of BLM protests. They were acting in this same capacity before that date – but requests have escalated since then. As it has conducted more assessments since that date, Spectra Diversity added more reporting features to respond to requests of the small and medium-sized businesses it serves.

  • The Diversity Advisors provides its clients with turnkey diversity, equity, and inclusion tools and solutions. The consultancy's approach is to help as many companies/organizations and impact as many communities as possible. They firmly believe that inclusion needs to ALWAYS foster an environment focused on empathy, knowledge, and respect for differences in opinions and thoughts. The company develops processes/procedures that are inclusive of EVERYONE, including non-minorities. Its approach is to start with the “why” DEI is important to clients and their bottom line. The Diversity Advisors focus on creating belonging cultures for everyone. Its advisors have worked in Corporate America and transformed cultures to be more inclusive of everyone while also addressing racial disparity within the workplace.

  • The Sleeper Group (TSG) is a reputed, woman-owned consulting company that provides services through a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) lens to organizations across the U.S. With a focus on achieving organizational, team, and individual excellence, TSG helps companies launch, build upon, and sustain DEI, eLearning, and management efforts to reach higher levels of efficiency, cultural competence, and improved morale. The company focuses on providing DEI consulting that is as unique as the needs of clients. TSG uses a series of proven strategies to deliver its best in every project and drive measurable outcomes for clients.

  • Uplifting Impact positions itself as a DEI consulting firm that helps leaders and organizations find authentic connections to solve the most pressing issues that exist in internal and external organizational environments. The company helps organizations identify and eliminate inequitable and non-inclusive practices and adopt a culture that strengthens people, shows them their full selves, and uplifts them to success. Uplifting Impact does everything from designing thorough outlining to helping organizations implement that strategy through our widely popular DEI strategy accelerator program.

  • WillHouse Global offers DEI services at an affordable price. Founded by highly experienced and enthusiastic DEI expert Dr. William T. Lewis, the company helps businesses build a winning organizational culture of belonging. WillHouse Global believes, when you create a sense of belonging, employees begin to take ownership of their work, meaning they take personal responsibility for the quality and value they contribute within the organization.Its proprietary Culture of Belonging Framework is all about obtaining the right insights and information needed to implement any training or change within an organization.

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