Dana Sleeper, CEO and Certified Diversity Professional, The Sleeper GroupDana Sleeper, CEO and Certified Diversity Professional
The Sleeper Group (TSG) offers our clients access to our talented team of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) professionals. We are your sought-after DEI experts. Our staff holds certifications from relevant institutions, such as the Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) and Intercultural Development Inventory Qualified Administrator(IDI QA). Because we are a recognized leader in this space, our staff have even worked with the Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC) to develop criteria for diversity certifications.

Our strategies will enable your organization to launch, build upon, and sustain DEI, leading to improved employee morale, lower turnover rates, and more efficient teams. Measurable objectives, a vital component of all initiatives, are built into our strategic planning processes and allow us to achieve your desired outcomes. We design, structure, and tailor each plan to your unique needs.

What We Do

Whether we work with an organization that has just started having internal conversations about DEI or a company with a long-standing program, we identify where you stand in your DEI journey and thoroughly assess your current state and needs.

We focus on providing DEI consulting that is unique to your needs. When implementing DEI initiatives, commitment and investment aren’t the only things that lead to success; you need a strategic plan. There’s no cookie-cutter approach or list you can check off. This is where we come in. We meet you where you are, create a vision for the future, implement a plan, and track your progress over time.

Why Work with Us

We have found that managers and HR professionals often struggle with implementing DEI initiatives, as most of the day-to-day DEI work falls on them. These professionals do not always have access to the necessary training, support, and specific development opportunities to be successful. They want to do the right thing, but they’re not sure what that means in practicality or what actions they should take — this is one of the most significant issues that we come across daily when working with clients. This is where our DEI strategies, tools, and training programs can be leveraged to achieve your desired outcomes.

The Sleeper Group leverages data to understand the past and the present of DEI at your organization, adjusting our practices and recommendations based on what works for your unique workplace, developing strategies for the future, and measuring the progress in your DEI journey. We use a series of proven techniques to deliver our best in every project and drive measurable outcomes for your organization.

Our Recent Projects

We have led projects including pay equity audits, cultural assessments, people practice audits, the development of DEI strategic planning including training and development opportunities, crafting HR policy updates, designing curriculum and implementing interactive eLearning content.

What Our Clients Say

TSG provides services through a DEI lens to organizations across the U.S. We are always here to support organizations and individuals alike and ensure that they have the expertise they need to implement successful DEI programs.
• “The Sleeper Group is extremely well-positioned to move your business forward on key internal priorities related to DEI and are very well organized to be a seamless extension of your team. The Sleeper Group can help you achieve your goals, no question.”
• “TSG has been a pleasure to work with. What are the main reasons that I would recommend using The Sleeper Group? Knowledge, competence, and positive communication.”
• “Working with The Sleeper Group has not only been informative for our organization, but truly a partnership… Through the work of The Sleeper Group, we have gained a clearer awareness around our data in the areas of opportunities, culture successes, and most importantly our cultural readiness in the areas of DEI for changing our culture.”

The Sleeper Group is extremely well-positioned to move your business forward on key internal priorities related to DEI and are very well organized to be a seamless extension of your team. The Sleeper Group can help you achieve your goals, no question

What We Can Do for You

The Sleeper Group can help you achieve organizational excellence through individual, team, and organizational development. We provide clients with the following services:
• Cultural Assessments- we will assess whether workplace culture is supporting your overall business goals and deliver a written report with assessment results and suggested areas of improvement.
• People Practice Audits- we assess the diversity of your current hiring process and identify potential bottlenecks and discrepancies to help your organization attract and retain diverse talent.
• D&I Strategic Plans- we develop a documented plan to help achieve business and people-related goals which create a shared direction and commitment for the organization so all staff can work together to respect and value their diverse workforce and build a more inclusive workforce.
• Pay Equity Audits- we will compare the pay of employees doing “like for like” work and investigate the root causes of any pay gaps or differences that cannot be justified.
• Curriculum Design and eLearning- we build interactive e-learning modules and online courses for companies particularly interested in compliance training, consistent onboarding training materials, or interested in selling e-Learning content.