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Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Companies - 2021

Over the past decades, the approach to diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives within businesses has significantly changed, from cumbersome and mandatory training regimes that protect firms from civil right suits to an avenue that effectively boosts productivity. Today, having a diverse and multilingual team of employees is viewed as an opportunity for a business to infuse their culture with creativity and innovation, both of which are prime components to ensure business continuum in the current era of digitalization.

In light of these developments, the marketplace has been experiencing a surge in diversity and inclusion solution and services companies that leverage the latest technologies to help their clients create more equitable, diverse, and inclusive working environments. Technologies such as AI, ML, AR/VR are helping HR departments automate the cumbersome aspects of their D&I programs and develop better and more engaging learning experiences for their workforces. Furthermore, Big Data and advanced analytics are aiding HRs in extracting actionable insights from large talent pool datasets, allowing them to make better decisions by establishing an unbiased recruitment process.

At this juncture, there are a multitude of diversity and inclusion solution providers and consulting firms vying for the top position as your preferred partner. To help you choose the solution that best fits your need, Manage HR magazine has compiled the list of the leading and emerging diversity and inclusion companies. The featured companies are frontrunners in the market owing to their comprehensive features and extensive technology innovation. This edition also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on industry trends, best practices, recent advancements, and their advice for aspiring CXOs in the HR arena.

We present to you Manage HR ’s “Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Companies – 2021”

    Top Diversity and Inclusion Companies

  • BCT Partners leverages deep subject-matter expertise, information technology, cultural competence, and a rigorous project and knowledge management methodology to help build capacity, drive efficiencies, enhance decision-making, and improve outcomes.

  • At Chapman Associates, the company provides impactful diversity and inclusion training sessions to organizations looking to evolve their diversity and inclusion programs and policies

  • A leading performance-oriented, full-service consulting firm that specializes in personal and organizational transformation

  • JONES develops leaders and organizational systems that counter oppression through diversity, inclusion, and organizational excellence.Founded in 2000, JONES is a leadership development, diversity, and organizational change consulting firm committed to supporting its clients in achieving success through unleashing the potential of a diverse workforce. Large and small corporations, non-profits, and educational institutions seek out JONES to help them build a stronger company culture, eliminate organizational silos, strengthen the leadership skills of their managers, and interrupt conscious and unconscious bias in the workplace. JONES’ mission is to develop leaders and organizational systems that counter oppression through diversity, inclusion, and organizational excellence

  • A firm believer in the need for multiple, coordinated efforts from a diverse team of consultants to solve complex problems like inequality and inequity, Mosaic Workplace collaborates with other industry leaders to deliver co-created, data-driven, sustainable DEI results. Mosaic Workplace’s consultants use empirically supported qualitative and quantitative methodology to get a 360-degree view of your organization’s DEI practices and needs. It then presents the results to key stakeholders in the context of industry best practices. In the last year, Mosaic has delivered over 200 workshops to various organizations using a virtual, cohort learning experience

  • Organization Effectiveness Consulting & Coaching Solutions, LLC is a human capital consulting, corporate training, executive coaching, workplace mediating, and executive recruiting firm headquartered in Texas

  • Paradox Strategies brings academics, researchers, and practitioners together to help emerging leaders and C-Suite executives develop essential leadership skills

  • The company provides virtual and in-person workshops that focus on diversity and inclusion, change management, customer service, and other programs designed to create work environments that achieve high employee engagement and customer satisfaction.RDR Group provides virtual and in-person training that focuses on what they call “inclusive practices” because, in their opinion – inclusion has to go beyond knowing to doing – and they have partnered with a health system and a major university to prove it. For over 20 years, the company has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies, major healthcare organizations, universities, and government agencies by helping them put specific activities in place that are now proven to create connections.

  • VisionSpring, Inc. is a WBENC-certified diversity, equity &inclusion (DEI) consulting firm offering fully integrated strategy development, employee resource group (ERG) strategic consulting, training, eLearning and continuous learning solutions. For over 20 years, the company has passionately worked with its clients to help them in their DEI endeavors by functioning as an extended part of their team. The company's philosophy is to approach privilege and equity from a positive standpoint; to remove the associated guilt and anxiety so participants feel inspired and empowered to use their privilege to influence positive change

  • Kaleidoscope Group

    Kaleidoscope Group

    The Kaleidoscope Group's approach is to partner with their clients to build customized Diversity & Inclusion strategies and solutions

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